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It’s no secret that we’re living in troubling times. A pandemic has spread across the globe like wildfire, extreme weather events are becoming everyday occurrences, continuing incidents of police brutality have the world reeling, and many leaders in charge of enacting lasting change only
seems to add fuel to the fire and widen the divisions in society. This album is our way of processing the insanity that we see in the news, our attempt to filter it through sound and hopefully find some meaning or solace.

We decided to look to the distant past, specifically to ancient Greek mythology and to dystopian literature of the past several centuries in order to make some sense out of this chaotic landscape we find ourselves in. These heroic and tragic figures, their stories, the lessons they offer, have
inspired us and informed the choices we made in the process of creating this album.

It’s been said that our music is “apocalyptic” and somewhat gloomy, but we are hopeful at our core. The music on this album is a comment on here and on and takes somewhat of a journey through chaos and serenity, looking for a way out. We’re grateful for your choice to tag along, and
if anything, we hope that by listening, you may find something that resonates and helps you through. See you on the other side.

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