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The Italian producer and founder of the Berlin-based label "Sonic Interface Records" has long been influenced by many subgenres of dance music; from electro to techno-acid music before combining them in his pioneering first ep . "Sonic001'' which sees Michael Space gravitating towards a different kind of electronic music, driven as much (or more) by analog sequencers, marked vocals, melodies and experimental sounds between space bass lines and acid sounds of the most common bassline 303 synthesizer, as by drums and percussion.
Beyond the ego EP001 guides the listener through a hypnotic terrain: the four tracks fully represent the different phases of an ideal dj set.
This broad approach translates into sounds that are difficult to define, and that lend themselves to multiple listeners.
A futuristic Techno that can surprise you with sound sensations never heard before!!
Artwork by Desidus crew. Distributed by Small Black Dots.

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