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Enter The Winking Ship And Go On A Journey Through The Half-human-half-hyper-reality Of David Goldberg. Emo Serialism Is A Sparkling Macrocosm Of Breakbeat Wizardry, Technoid Trance, Robo Emotion And Versicolour Ornamentation. The Eponymous First Track With Its Safe Ground Baseline Is The Cotton Wool Of The Ep, The Galaxy's Aether And The Joyful Opening Ceremony Of This Planetary Feast. Baseelmnt64 Rings Out! The Stars Align And The Tournament Begins. Lightyears Later, Hobbling Yet Graceful Konradichtion 101 Is The Daring Darling Of The Public, Thus Emerges Victoriously. And The Moral Of This Story Is Made For / Left For Blank.

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Molten 5