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Round two for David Jackson! Just born in the heydays of the "Airport Disco" David provides us with the future of Italo Disco and beyond. Mr. Jackson makes music for mirror balls, strobe lights, fog machines and Richard Long sound systems. The title track "Airport Disco" is a heater at first sight. It will make you whistle along or go bang straightaway. "Oohhyyee" is a modern piece of uplifting, breaky & airy UK vibe and hits just the right notes and spots. Some folks claim the only good system is a soundsystem. Well "In My System" appears with powerful synth chords and yes, believe me you want to join this system too. For the advanced customer (vinyl only that is) you will find "Berlin" on B2. A bit of Schlager-Disco with a laissez-faire message. Another top artwork courtesy of Julian Bender. Now get into magic!
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