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What is a Dirty Banana? It’s a tasty cocktail that blends ingredients like rum, Kahlúa and banana liqueur. But who the hell are the Dirty Bananas?

The name masks a Viennese duo consisting of DJ Cut Ex (Urbs & Cutex) and Addy-F (3MinutenEi). The two producers dug deep in the crates to create a delicious recipe, incorporating the finest Disco flavors from the 70s & 80s. In a lucky turn of events, six of their cuts made their way to Luv Shack Records a couple of months ago; thus, the Cocktails EP was born.

The EP opens with “No Lie”, a low slung, cheerful synth-funk jam that feels a bit like a lost B-Side from a certain furry Italian edit duo.

“Melody” takes notes from a beloved oddball jazz funk classic, while maintaining the boogie flavor with plenty of machine drums, synth bass and a perfectly quirky lead solo to boot.

On “Draft”, the Bananas ramp up the tempo to unleash a short but tasty disco stomper with extra crispy drums.

The laid back, percussion heavy disco chugger “Gentle Breeze” comes packed with an extra portion of familiar samples and chopped up drums, while “I’m U” takes a leftfield disco classic, and, in a no-nonsense approach, loops the hell out of it while blending it with a more moody sample.

Lastly, “Fairmax” circles around a jazzy organ melody on top of a super-dry, yet punchy drum-machine loop. What a shockingly delicious journey!
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