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INDEX:Records is blessed to announce the homecoming of Ike. It’s been a wee while since his last full club outing, but we welcome him back to this realm with open-arms.

Lacing up with chuggy system-rattler 'Vernis VIP' Pulsar is a symbiosis of palpitating-wub and delicate, soft melody. On 'Rose Quartz', perfectly sedated drums are melded with luscious vox – a gratifying release to bass-driven tension-builder, 'Gage'. Mushing a cherry immaculately on top is a Mathis Ruffing indulgence ('Gage Remix'), who treats us to a frenzied yet controlled excursion into DnB hedonism.


released June 30, 2023

Written & Produced by Ike Zwanikken
Remix by Mathis Ruffing
Artwork by Amos Turner
Mastered & Cut by Marco @ Analog Cut
Words by Conna Haraway

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