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Kayroy is back! The charismatic gentleman from Melbourne gives us three brand new songs. First, we have “Cutoff Freak” with R.P. Downie on vocal duties. Yes, we shed crocodile tears for a thousand years. The David Byrne-esque vocals perfectly add to Kayroy’s mid-tempo aussie p-funk. Last year’s “Identification Unknown” feat. Miela also sees a vinyl feature finally.
Now imagine a late summer night. You ride your local sunset boulevard in your red convertible and turn on the stereo. They play „Some Kind Of Electric“ on the radio. Kayroy & Miela on the microphone make you feel good, they make you laugh, they make you cry. All at the same time. Irresistible grooves, heartwarming melodies and that voice. Now let this summer night last forever.
Label boss Johannes couldn’t resist and bangs the tracks into a more club-styled direction on the B-side. There is an “Acid Dub” and “Kind Of Dub”. Your choice.
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