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Pianist Masako Ohta and trumpet player Matthias Lindermayr’s music flows in gentle waves, moving with ease between every theme they imagine. Their music is largely improvised, embracing chance and following sound down winding paths. Their debut collaborative album, MMMMH, highlights this loose process through its relaxed pace, surprising turns, and drifting style. The album presents small vignettes that each encapsulate their free-flowing motion and tranquil melodies, drawing from simple ideas to create a fully bloomed, radiant sound.

Ohta and Lindermayr are two Munich-based artists who each have worked on a variety of acclaimed projects as soloists and collaborators. Lindermayr is widely praised for his work as a jazz soloist and in his ensemble Fazer, while Ohta is known for her work in classical and contemporary classical music, where she regularly undertakes projects that bridge genres and disciplines. While Ohta has also maintained an improvisatory practice throughout her career, MMMMH represents her first in-studio, improvisation recording project.
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