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To mark the 10th release on the Zeitnot imprint we’ve invited our very special friend Nick Gynn. For this milestone occasion Nick’s prepared his longest play yet, 6 stellar tracks ranging through various flavours of deep and warped dance floor sounds.

On the A side AAA shows some love to the golden era of IDM with its B12-esque synth lines, and a growling grooving bass patch. Similarly weighty dance floor bomb Dynamic Traces has a mind-warping atmosphere, and a catchier hook than your favourite guilty pleasure.

Lose yourself in the gripping melancholy of Lourd, with more squelchy IDM-inflections, and practically dripping in nostalgia. Swap plates to the C side to hear expert examples of deep and driven electro Pheonix and Rokit, before gracefully coming to rest amongst the clouds in the arpeggiatted symphonies of A = 432 (Hz).

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