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Panta Rex was introduced to me due to his output on Noorden. When I moved to Cologne I was looking for people to start doing music with and Alex from Noorden introduced me to him. Soon he started to show me more of his music.

I instantly felt in love with Dyade which is a beautiful song to end a set with that lasted the whole night and is ending when the sun is already shining again. By the way the working title of this beautiful song was dtf-uia. 

Youth in the 90s shows you where Panta Rex got his musical background from and it is a homage back to the golden times after the fall of the wall and all the never ending parties.

Critter is a club hit with a long build-up and a drop that is unique in its own way, that lets you expect something different and it is also hitting very hard.

Lares in the end is one of those songs that feels like an old Workshop record. House at its best and with lyrics brought onto point.
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Kontrapunkt 06