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Tunesday Recordings proudly presents its third release, bringing the two balearic pop originals "Brazilian Breeze" and "Mysterious Nights" from the sought-after 1986 LP "Leaving You" by Preludio to today's dance floors. The Italo-influenced songs mark the very ¦rst work of Peter LaSalle who has made a name for himself with several releases under the moniker Sound Surgeons in the 2000's. As a ¦rst endeavour
under the moniker DNA (standing for Danny, Norm & Andres), the trio centered around Andres Astorga aka Trujillo brings out their own vsionary reworks with nothing but the songs' titles as inspiration. On "Brazilian Breeze", they dive deep into an ocean-blue rippling with cool synthesizer sequences and steel drums. "Mysterious Nights" teases you into a Linn Drum-driven adventure in which hazy waves mingle with late 80's guitar licks and soothing brasses. Many thanks to Peter LaSalle for making this reissue possible and many thanks to
Santi Oviedo for literally revising the original artwork.

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