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New inductees to the Permanent Vacation congregation, say hi to Reznik & Mikesh. To be precise, Mikesh left his mark on the PV backcatalogue in conjunction with Filburt a couple years back already, but in pairing with Keinemusik's mainstay Reznik, it is a premiere for the label. They've previously been dropping joint EP-releases on Mike Simonetti's 2MR imprint and on Keinemusik respectively, now following up with this three chapter spanning "Number Done" EP. And frankly, it is quite a ride.
From the roughed up groove monster that is the opener "Number One" - straight forward in arrangement, yet keeping a tongue in cheek attitude. Rave launching leads, breakbeat climax, pads to fire up frenzy heaven - it is all in place. Followed by "DT64" - in title hinting towards the real-socialist upbringing of the lads, in sound leaning even into Detroit admiration and Techno realms, yet adding their very own take while flashing that subtle piano line and keeping things utmost catchy. To the closing "Almost Wanted", the House-anthem in this batch, building up floor wreaking, piano driven 808 patterns to follow up with glorious string-shaped euphoria in a break that is bound to cause numerous dancefloor meltdowns.
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