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Next up on RA+RE is Ethel with a standout 3-tracker brimming with attitude. Each track with its own distinct identity, together they form a cohesive release that keeps you on your toes from the first bar to the last. Bold ‘80s-tinged synth stabs, infectious basslines and whirling intergalactic atmospheres run like a red thread through the EP. This is combined with tongue-in-cheek spoken word snippets bound to etch into the collective consciousness of the dance floor. Et voilà – the recipe for bangers. Santanico Pandemonium is the bass heaviest of the lot and made up of 3 parts, moving from dubby via chugging into driving percussion spliced with woozy female vocals, euphoric chords and a grooving bassline. Moustic is a cheeky peak time stomper again showcasing Ethel’s playfulness and ear for melody, with vocals echoing “turn down the music”, accompanied by snarling aliens lurking in the shadows. Colonial draws inspiration from New Wave and starts things off with a mean and menacing bassline that morphs into a playful, catchy break, before reverting to a reduced minimal number. And back again


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