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When the entire dancefloor turns into a jumping frenzy, when you find yourself bawling along at the top of your voice, when losing control feels like just the right thing to do -- then there's a good chance that the Skazka Orchestra is on stage. Their 2012 album Kalamburage (EBM 024CD) has now been remixed. The result is a collection as colorful, diverse, and wild as the background of the band from Berlin itself: some interpretations keep close to the compositional vibe of the original song, others use frisky house and electro rhythms to hurl it straight into the center of a buzzing nightclub. Sometimes it's all about beats, bass, and pressure, and sometimes a remix turns out to be a deconstructivist collage of sounds. There's always a somewhat Russian vibe to it, but also a very open-minded feeling of world music -- and it's always about reckless party and general joy of life. Well, it's Skazka Orchestra remixed after all. As always, vinyl comes with supreme sound quality. Remixes by Kombinat100, Seth Schwarz, Kommodore K, Pophop, Nellski, Jan Pyroman, Bonze & Kroesus, Strom, Mandy Mozart, and Skazka Orchestra.
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