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With a love and nous for synths and melody that at times recalls the likes of Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, German genius @theanalogrolandorchestra makes music both for tripped-out dancefloors and for introspective personal listening. With two albums under his belt. releases on labels including Ornaments, Poker Flat, Pastamusik and live sets at hallowed danceries like Panoramabar, he is an increasingly sought-after proposition who harnesses his army of Roland machines to dazzling effect.

Flitting between cosmic techno jams and hazy ambient soundscapes, his mix for us is a deep, slow-burning trip.

*How would you describe your sound?*

Out of tune.

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*

Women + sex + universe.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?*

A selection of personal moments from my Berlin years.


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