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Self Learning System present their very first record and deliver a new label focussing on conceptual work as well as interdisciplinary art in full effect.

We believe in the human mind as a self-learning system - creators and originators connected all around the globe aiming to keep the scene alive. We want to cultivate a community and platform for exchange with other artists pursuing music, design, art and events.

Our first strike comes as “The Arrival Of Unisex & Ernst”, a split EP of the two labelheads to introduce themselves and the sound of SLS. The record contains six analog hardware tools ranging from classic Electro to Industrial.

SELF001 also includes an A2 inlay print of Dominik Widmanns acrylic painting „Fabric“ (as pictured). His artworks will cover our first three records, fitting perfectly with the cold and futuristic soundscapes we want to showcase.

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