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Steering his dance label, Frank Music, all the way through the last decade, Johannes Albert would like to welcome a bunch of new and old friends for its 10 years anniversary. Berlin’s Amount steers the ship into contemporary disco waters with his „Dphrase". All hands on deck please! The Captain Of Your Heart is more than a good friend. He is the boss from Zürichsee actually. We „L.ove“ his Synth Pop all the way. Darmstadt’s finest Levitation Venue are back with the calm yet groovy „Everything’s Good“. Now we set sail for the flipside. High waves and a storm comes up on the floor when Johannes drops his „Dynamo“. A very 90s informed rave affair! Sir Iron Curtis takes over the realm and shows a little respect for classic Electro. We travel to „Münster West“. The sea calms again with the bittersweet symphony of Max Lessig’s „Make me cry“. We reach safe havens. To the next 10!
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