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For their second release Breidenbach Label once more gathers six artists from their regional circuit. Connected by their floating and sometimes even hypnotic soundscape, pulsating pads and strong grooves, each of the four tracks has its own intimate style.

With Love Entropy Crécy delivers a powerful and emotional ambient introduction to the A-Side. His fellow artist and close friend Ami adds a poetic layer: spoken word which shimmers through the sound, adding to the sentimental vibe. An atmospheric first serve. KliX picks up the love theme and transforms it into a mesmerizing ear catcher called Give Me Love. The somewhat trancy elements accompanied by evolving patterns, vocoder-vocals and classy 909 drums give this track its enticing and unique character.

Spaceloop on the records B-Side marks a debute release for the Mannheim based duo Seeder. They teamed up with Benny Delara to deliver a hip shaking dancefloor weapon that captivates through its strong and pulsating baseline combined with atmospheric elements that carry the records narrative. The EP is accomplished by Tech Report from the promising live-due CVSO. While blending breaky grooves with atmospheric elements the listener may find himself surprised by a jazzy piano melody that is proof of their creative and forward-thinking musical mindset.

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