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Gerald Donald's XOR Gate enters the Tresor orbit, continuing the long-running relationship between the Detroit electro pioneer and the German techno institution, one that began back in 1999 with Drexciya's landmark album Neptune's Lair and continues to this present day.

Conic Sections is a doorway that once you enter through it, you are set to cross paths with what could be the coldest sounds to have ever emerged from Gerald Donald's laboratory. While the obvious and somewhat lazy comparisons to the music of his most revered project will undoubtedly be drawn out, XOR Gate does contain the essence of those 'aquatic sounds', but it's as if he is revisiting them long after they have been frozen in the deepest wormholes of space. The audio is split across eight blocs which are frosted in synth washes that instantly turn to ice upon contact with oxygen, while an astral disaster of frozen 808 beats attempts to crack the zero gravity code that XOR Gate is seemingly crystallised within the centre of.

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